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Every year there are several keystone events that the Trust likes to participate in.  These events are celebrated around the world and help to foster a stronger sense of community as well as greater knowledge of our environment.


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While the majority of these events are Volunteer driven, they often require small operating budgets as well as the availability of coordinators for large numbers of volunteers, or technical assistance for collecting and analyzing complex data. As a result, the Trust has not always had the resources to participate but would like to encourage prospective volunteers to contact us so that we can enter your name on our register.

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International Coastal Cleanup
International Coastal Cleanup in Montego Bay

Jamaica… land of wood and water. Steep mountainsides covered with lush tropical forests, where the cool breezes mark a pleasant difference with the humid lowland weather. The waterfalls that are found in these mountains wind their way down to the rivers and streams, which in turn arrive to the ocean above ground directly or underground through springs. There is much to this journey that can take one’s breath away, both in the scenery and the life that inhabits this land. However, beauty does not exist in a vacuum, and the pristine waters all too often fall victim to improper land management.


The Montego Bay Marine Park tries to  take part in the REEF Fish Count event every summer.  The data collected in this event is serving as baseline data for our further fish fauna investigations, including population structures, biodiversity and habitat/fish distributions through the Park area. It's also a whole lot of fun.