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MoBay Moon

Welcome to the Montego Bay Marine Park
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To protect and restore a healthy Montego Bay ecosystem for the betterment of Jamaica and the world.

Lionfish Warning
Written by Administrator
28 October 2009


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Users of the Montego Bay Marine Park are advised that there has been a marked increase in Lionfish sightings throughout the park.

The Lionfish is one of the most venomous fish in the ocean.  Contact with one of its poisonous spines will inflict severe pain and swelling.  Some rare instances can lead to convulsions and/or parlysis.

Resource Management
Written by Caroline Silsbury
25 February 2011

…one of these days, we’ve got to get organized

resource-managementThe idea of protected areas in Jamaica has been with us for a long time.  Since the early 1990’s, regions that contained valuable but fragile natural resources have been singled out for special treatment, to keep them from being destroyed forever.  The Montego Bay Marine Park is one of those areas.

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There has been a continuing struggle to find the right system for managing these areas effectively.  How much protection do they need?  What are the costs and benefits of protecting them?  Who should be in charge?  Who should pay?  As Government’s priorities shifted, there was never enough money to meet conflicting demands or enough certainty to make long-term plans.

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One for the good guys
Written by Caroline Silsbury
11 February 2011

…marine litter revisited

bagsThis weekend will see a small but important step forward in the effort to reduce marine litter at its source – us, on land.  On Saturday MegaMart, one of Jamaica’s largest retailers, will make handsome re-usable “eco-bags” available (for a small charge) at all three of its stores.  Several other local retailers have started selling inexpensive cloth bags in the last year or so.  However, MegaMart has taken two extra steps to make the program effective.

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New Fish Sanctuary Declared
Written by Administrator
10 August 2008

The Montego Bay Marine Park Trust is pleased to announce the establishment of the Montego Bay Marine Park Fish Sanctuary. This new sanctuary, established by Agriculture Minister Dr Christopher Tufton in October, is designed to stem the depletion of critical fish stocks adjacent to important tourism and spawning areas.

Too Little, Too Late
Written by Caroline Silsbury
18 February 2011

… Negril revisited

negril-beachIn 2009, former Prime Minister Edward Seaga noticed that the famous Negril Beach had been seriously eroded, and suggested that the Negril Chamber of Commerce should “bring it to the attention of Government in such a manner that they can't refuse".  Two years later, it seems they’ve got the message.

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We were pleased to see in a recent Gleaner that the outdated and inadequate Negril wastewater treatment system is to be upgraded.  The European Union, which financed the original plant in the 1990s, will supply most of the funds for modernizing the existing facility and fixing some of its technical and structural problems. The upgrade comes after years of complaint from local residents and businesses.

Wood and Water
Written by Caroline Silsbury
04 February 2011

… and why we need both

This past Wednesday, February 2, was World Wetlands Day.  It marked the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Ramsar Convention, an international agreement to preserve and restore the world’s wetlands, river deltas and flood plains.  Though the day has come and gone, it’s never too late to remember how important these areas are to our health and safety.

This year’s theme is Wetlands and Forests, recognizing 2011 as the U.N.’s International Year of the Forest.  Whether forests and wetlands are neighbours or occupy the same area, each adds to the other’s value.